Chris Clark, founder of Jasmine Healthcare which owns Oxendon House, is passionate about extremely high standards of elderly care after witnessing first hand poor care provision for his own family.  This personal experience drove him to ensure that all Jasmine Healthcare residential care homes exist to provide the best care for elderly people.

Chris’ dedication has created the professional caring ethos across all of Jasmine’s care homes.  Each team strives for the best possible care for their elderly residents.  This is something each home is very proud of, and residents and their families greatly appreciate. 

Our Recent CQC Report

Oxendon House is registered and approved by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the body empowered by the Government to regulate care homes. They inspect Oxendon House regularly to ensure that high standards of care are maintained, and the reports they publish on all homes, including Oxendon House, can be viewed on their website at www.cqc.org.uk

Download and read our most recent CQC Inspection Report here

Our Own Inspections

Although we place great importance on achieving high ratings when we are assessed by the CQC, we are conscious that the CQC typically only inspect Good or Outstanding homes, like ours, once every one to two years.

In order to ensure we maintain CQC’s high levels of care at all times, we operate our own rigorous ongoing quality assurance programme to ensure that the high standards of care, which our residents deserve, are provided 365 days of the year, day and night.

Care home CQC Rating; Highly trained carers

Our dedicated Compliance Support Manager, who is independent of Oxendon House’s management, produces our own proprietary Jasmine Compliance Reports (JCR) every month.  These reports incorporate the results of all our ongoing audits, quality assurance surveys, and other objective measures of the quality of the care we provide.  These reports also provide senior management at Oxendon House with an objective Jasmine Compliance Score (JCS) each month, allowing us to compare the outcomes of the home over time.

At Oxendon House our care home team takes great pride in achieving high Jasmine Compliance Scores and our aim is to achieve a score of at least 80% every month.  The Jasmine Team Support Manager immediately starts providing additional support in the event our care home is not achieving this minimum expected standard.  It is important to us that Oxendon House is judged on the consistency of the quality of its care.

In addition to the above oversight from Jasmine, its founder Chris Clark, continues to keep his promise to his deceased mother to regularly visit all of Jasmine’s homes to ensure that their standards of care never slip.

Care Home Reviews

We consistently receive high ratings on the leading care home review site www.carehome.co.uk. Click here to see the latest reviews for Oxendon House.

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