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Residential Care Home - Highly Trained Carers

Our residential care home is led by our newly appointed Manager, Gareth Knight, who supports our qualified team of carers, kitchen and housekeeping staff .

Gareth joined Oxendon House in February 2019 as Deputy Manager, having previously held management positions in elderly and learning disability homes. Initially Gareth began working as a support worker over 10 years ago and has worked in a wide variety of care settings, including residential and supported living, helping to support a wide spectrum of individuals of various ages and different needs.

and supported living, helping to support a wide spectrum of individuals of various ages and different needs.

Whilst working his way from support worker, through senior positions and management Gareth has developed a passion for ensuring that the highest level of care is delivered in a person centred way, in a manner that respects the wishes of the individual, promotes independence and maintains the persons dignity.

Our Team

Gareth is supported by a deputy manager and a team leader in order to ensure there is a member of the management team available every day of the week. We believe this is important for the well-being of our residents and the peace of mind of their relatives.

Our Home Managers are assisted by a qualified and experienced care team including specialist nurses. The care home team is dedicated to carrying out their duties 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are committed to making a meaningful difference to the lives of the residents who live at Oxendon House.

Gareth and the rest of the staff at Oxendon House work hard to ensure that our residential care home has a homely feel where each individual resident has the opportunity to have input into the activities within the home, menus and décor, among other things so that they are as engaged as possible in what is happening within their home.

Jasmine Support Team

The Oxendon House team are supported by the central Jasmine Support Hub. This team, led by the Support Hub Manager provides Oxendon House with total IT, financial, recruitment and human resources support. This allows the team at Oxendon to focus entirely on what they do best, providing great care to our residents.

The Support Team also includes our dedicated Compliance Support Manager and Team Support Manager.

Checking the paperwork

The Compliance Support Manager visits Oxendon House regularly to independently check on the home’s compliance. Nine bespoke audits over the course of a year cover every aspect of the care and service provided by Oxendon House.

They also produce the action plans to implement any required improvements identified by their audits, and are responsible for signing these off when they are totally satisfied that the Oxendon team have thoroughly completed them.

In addition The Compliance Support Manager monitors all complaints and safeguardings through to full resolution and produces the bespoke monthly Jasmine Compliance Report and Score.

The Team Support Manager supports the team if and when our Jasmine Compliance Score falls to ensure we provide the highest standards of care at all times. In addition they support our Activities Co-ordinator to provide varied and engaging activities for our residents.

The Team Support Manager also plays a key role in supporting all new staff to settle in and ensures all our home Champions are trained to be able to maximise their positive impact in their area of expertise.

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